Liros Soft Shackles

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No damage to deck or risk of injury
- 10 x lighter than steel shackles at same breaking strength
- Easy and intuitive handling
- self-locking construction under load
- easy to open after use with high loads
- original LIROS high quality
- suitable for many applications in sectors industry, offroad and outdoor

Please note Liros measurements are the size of the shackle measured from the the overall diameter of the shackle when closed and not the size of the rope it is made from.

Fastening sheets, shackle halyards, fix blocks - the LIROS XTR Soft Shackle is the solution! 100 % made of high-strength fiber Dyneema® SK78, replaces heavy metal shackles on deck. Easy and fast opening, thanks to the blue „LIROS ribbon“ with breaking strength information.