Liferaft - Seago - Sea Master ISO 9650-1

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The SeaMaster survival raft is the perfect partner for offshore sailing on recreational or coded craft and meets ISAF, RORC and other coded boat requirements (additional safety packs may be required).designed and refined over many years in partnership with professionals. We have worked with users from a variety of backgrounds to design and vigorously test this raft, which, as a result, has become one of our flaship Seago products.
For a brand which has built its reputation on giving a close knit community of sailors what they need to remain safe in pursuit of adventures big and small, the SeaMaster survival raft truly embodies the Seago Spirit.

NEW FEATURE: The 2021 version of the Sea Master has a new inflatable boarding step as used in SOLAS liferafts

The SeaMaster conforms to: ISO9650-1 (Group A Pack 2)

For vessels that do not need to be coded the Sea Cruiser ISO 9650-2 could be what you need.

Now with 18 Year Warranty.

Size and weight:

Tube Dia. Valise Container
4 man 2 x 215mm 30kg 37kg
6 man 2 x 250mm 35kg 43kg
8 man 2 x 260mm 41kg 48kg
10 man 2 x 268mm 46kg 54kg
12 man 2 x 268mm NA 62kg

Packed Dimensions (mm):

Valise Container
4 man L650 x W300 x H420 L730 x W490 x H310
6 man L720 x W340 x H460 L730 x W490 x H310
8 man L720 x W340 x H460 L780 x W530 x H365
10 man L720 x W360 x H500 L780 x W530 x H390
12 man NA L880 x W550 x H380