Harken Winch Handles

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These robust low-friction ball bearing handles match a range of cranking needs for both racers and cruisers. Handles feature a ball bearing grip that efficiently transmits power into the winch. All handles fit international standard winch sockets. Lock-in handles are easy to engage and release with a thumb switch. Racers prefer plain handles because they are faster to insert. 254 mm (10") is the most comfortable handle length for most sailors. Published power ratios are based on this length. 203 mm (8") handles grind faster because they swing through a smaller circle, but power is reduced by 20%. 203 mm (8") handles are ideal for smaller boats and light air where speed is more important than power. SpeedGrip handles are designed for the serious racer and are effective in both light and heavy air conditions. The unique grip permits low-load fast cranking using the palm, and powerful two-handed grinding when loads are high. The low-profile B8ASGLP is made for fast one-handed cranking where speed is the concern, not power.