Easysea Flipper Folding Winch Handle

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Attach Flipper to a winch and leave it folded when not in use.
• In an instant Flipper unfolds and is ready to use.
• Leave the Flipper handle folded on the winch without the risk of losing it overboard. Thanks to its practical folding system and locking mechanism the handle will remain on the winch even during the most demanding manoeuvres.
• Flipper extends to a standard-sized winch with one flick of the wrist and by flipping the handle horizontally 30cm of leverage is available for heavier or more precise adjustments.
• Supplied with a re-useable neoprene cover.
• Tested to withstand a force of over 350kg.


Flipper closes on the winch allowing the rope to be secured or realised smoothly.
A popular configuration for quick adjustments.
The standard-sized lever.
With the handle moved to horizontal Flipper gives an unmatched 30 cm extension.

• Universal star stud to fit any winch
• Body of CNC milled 6082 anticorodal aluminium.
• All joints in 316L stainless steel
• Made in Italy