Handmade Nautical Bracelet

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Handmade Nautical Bracelet from Nauticaline


Handmade aboard Toby and Anda's yacht, the Nauticaline accessories are a pure definition of authenticity. The bracelets crafted by Toby on the deck of his boat are the perfect idea for a truly unique accessory or gift.

HANDMADE from high quality, extremely durable sailing rope and 316 marine grade stainless steel shackle.

MEASURE your wrist with a flexible, soft tape measure just above your wrist bone.

If you are unable to find a measuring tape, simply find a string-like object (or strip of paper) and wrap it around your wrist in the same area as above. Make note of where the string/strip overlaps and lay it flat over a ruler to get the measurement.

Please select your wrist size without any additional length when placing your order. For example if your wrist measures 7" you should select a 7" bracelet.

Size Guide:

1"= 2.54 cm

5.5" = 13.97 cm
6" = 15.24 cm
6.5" = 16.51 cm
7" = 17.78 cm
7.5" = 19.05 cm
8" = 20.32 cm
8.5" = 21.59 cm

9" = 22.86 cm

There is a range of different colour twine (Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange & Black) and different style rope should you wish to have a custom made bracelet.

Your bracelet will come with an eco-friendly jewellery box featuring our Nauticaline logo.